Come Meet BOB!

Welcome to the blog for Bon Opus Bioscience, also known as the “Bon Opus Blog” or BOB for short.

BOB is here to keep you up to date with everything “Bon Opus”. From new items, to new publications; promotions, references, and interesting stories either specifically related to Bon Opus Bioscience or just to Bioscience in general.

“Who is Bon Opus?”

Bon Opus Bioscience is the brain child of scientists who have been in this field for years. Our president has almost a decade’s experience running a Bioscience Company branch, and has teamed up with some of the brightest minds in bioscience to create a completely new company.

Completely based in North America, these scientists combined to offer a full catalog of products including ELISA kits, Antibodies, and other reagents. They also offered their expertise in their fields to offer custom products such as Custom Antibodies, Peptides, and more.

The name Bon Opus itself was inspired by the classics, and is derived from the Latin phrase “Bonum Opus” which means Good Work. However, when describing ‘work’, we do not simply mean manual labor. “Opus” is reserved for creativity and discovery, as with a work of art or music. All of us here see science as just that: an art form.

One thing we’ve learned by working alongside giant corporations, is how it feels to seemingly be on a completely different plane than them; to just be a number in their system. Bon Opus not only retains its faith in the sciences, but it values and treasures the scientists who make it happen. In the same way there would be no art without the artist, there would be no science without the scientist. As such, we have dedicated ourselves to use our boutique size to be the trusted choice of researchers, and to keep ourselves on par with you so we can work closely to provide the most customized service possible.

We want to support  your efforts into discovery and science. As we quickly grow our product base, we look forward to every new day, and every new opportunity to help you advance our understanding of the world around us.


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